President Yachts Office, Auckland New Zealand.

President Yachts Office; Westhaven, Auckland, New Zealand.


IMG_0825Aerial Photo of Westhaven Marina & Auckland Skyline

Westhaven Marina, Auckland, New Zealand


About President Yachts International;

President Yachts International, located in tropical seaside Jiangjun Boat Harbor in Tainan City, Southern Taiwan, has been manufacturing and exporting luxury yachts worldwide for over 40 years. From humble beginnings in 1968, founder Eddie Yeh has built President Yachts’ reputation as a skillful manufacturer of fiberglass boats with its own substantial slipway, allowing all yachts to be launched straight from the shipyard into the water for fitouts, sea trials and general testing, greatly improving the finished quality of the vessels.

Now, almost a half century from our first product – the President 41 Sun Deck – to present day 150 ft superyachts, President Yachts is home to 150 skilled craftsmen, engineers, designers and support staff, whose dedicated teamwork since the early years has produced about 1,200 yachts, exported to boating markets all over the world. Even in periods of economic recession and extraordinary competition, President Yachts has maintained continuous growth and quality improvement.

The company has become a worldwide brand, well-known in markets in Europe, Australia, Japan, China and the United States. It is committed to developing better products with new technological innovations. Partnering with Nissan, for example, President Yachts has co-produced over 200 yachts for the Japanese market.

By the early 1990s, for the streamlined appearance, excellent endurance, and artistic and practical interior design of its vessels, President Yachts received the Certificate of National Excellence, and the Outstanding Product Awards.

The company continues to enhance the quality of its products. It has long built to Japan’s international NK (Nippon Kaiji Kyokai) classification, as well as to the high standards of France’s BV (Bureau Veritas) and Italy’s RINA (Registro Italiano Navals).

The company’s product design, development, manufacturing, and management has received the ISO 9001 quality system certification from Bureau Veritas – the first shipyard in Taiwan to acquire such certification – and much earlier it also received the European Conformation Type Examination Certificate (CE) from RINA, allowing our yachts to be exported to EU countries.

Upgrading to computer graphics, the company is able to make faster and more accurate 3D fluid dynamic wave patterns and resistance technology studies, so that potential owners can see a yacht’s performance and construction in its entirety and can better understand the yacht building process. Also, outfitted with computer-aided mechanical, electrical and navigation equipment, our yachts are now able to achieve much more accurate performance analysis. We continue to work with leading national universities and within our own R&D department to create newer and more highly innovative designs.

In recent years the company has cooperated with famous American designer Ted Hood to develop a 66 ft luxury, high performance Expedition Yacht which can handle rough seaway conditions more easily, and is more fuel efficient. The first of these Design Category “A” ocean-going Expedition Yachts was purchased by an Italian client.

Most of the company’s yachts are custom built, and follow the owner’s requirements, needs and specifications. We hope in this way we can gain the customer’s approval and satisfaction, and thus indirectly improve the international image of President Yachts.

We are now working in our R&D department to find ways to further increase the performance and comfort of our vessels, and to continually upgrade our interiors using new technologies and materials, so that potential owners can feel privileged to be part of the President Yachts story.

To our many loyal customers, suppliers and supporters who have helped to make this possible, we wish to extend our sincere thanks for their patronage and assistance. To our new friends and future customers, we more than welcome the opportunity to be of service to you.